Marni for H&M Pre Shopping Event….

I’m lucky enough to be  heading to the Marni for H&M pre shopping event tonight at the 5th Avenue store in New York. Needless to say I’ve suddenly become quite popular amongst my friends, with orders flooding in for some of the fab pieces that this collaboration has spawned.

The real gig starts Thursday March 8th and I’m guessing there’ll be a few lines forming outside the store early that morning. The collection is priced sensibly with most pieces promising to come in under the $100 mark, whilst accessories are supposedly around $19.99.

As a fan of Marni proper, and having been disappointed with other collaborations (Yes, that’ll be you Missoni for Target with your lack lustre collection), it’s going to be interesting to scope out the quality of these garments in the flesh.

Check back here to see how it pans out and whether I manage to snag anything from my hit list below…

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