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Sisco + Berluti… the low down

sisco + berluti bracelets

I’ve had a thing about Sisco + Berluti ever since I saw their beautiful beaded bracelets winking at me in my local Calypso St Barth store in New York. Since moving back to London, I’ve kept checking back in on their delicious site and was super organized this Christmas to order up some of their fab pieces for Holiday gifts, in time for them to wing their way over the pond for the big day.

sisco + berluti bracelets

Sisters Lisa Sisco and Carolyn Berluti began their creative careers by stringing beads together as youngsters for gifts for their close-knit Italian family. They would make stacks of 7 which represented each member of the family, and so the ‘stack’ idea has become synonymous with their brand. Forget all that random ‘Arm Party’ stuff courtesy of Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller – that’s so yesterday, the new way to wear your bracelets is through creative stacking the Sisco + Berluti way.

Sisco + Berluti… the details

My Sisco + Berluti package arrived today and inside were these charming stacks, which I had snaffled up sharpish-like when they announced their sale back in the Black Friday season. These babies are made to order so it takes a couple of weeks to turn an order around.

sisco + berluti bracelets

These covetable pieces are a celeb favorite, but also not an outrageous price tag, so definitely worth peeking at. I bought a bunch to gift this Christmas, but since they’ve arrived that naughty little shopping devil which sits on my shoulder is suggesting they stay in my evil clutches…. So if you are one of my buddies/family and you are reading this…take a long look….you may or may not be getting one of these Sisco + Barluti cuties in your stocking… only the little beastie on my shoulder knows the answer…

The Sisco + Berluti website also just had a fab makeover, and to celebrate they are offering a discount of 25% off your order with the code SB25

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